Colourtrend Interior Matt or Colourtrend Prime4 PSU
This depends on the finish of the paint, and also the surface being painted. An average would be 7-10 square meters per line.
We would recommend acrylic emulsion for interior walls- Colourtrend Interior Matt, Colourtrend Ceramic Matt or Colourtrend Soft Sheen. Alkyd resin based paints are better for wood and metal work - Colourtrend Satin, Colourtrend Glass or Colourtrend Eggshell.
They are both 100% acrylic. However, Colourtrend Weather is specially formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Colourtrend Gloss, Colourtrend Satin or Colourtrend Eggshell finish, depending on your preferred sheen level.
We would recommend a first coat of Colourtrend Prime4 PSU thinned 10% with water, and then a secound coat of PSU not thinned. Finish with 2 coats of you chosen colour and finish e.g. Colourtrend Interior Matt tinted to French White.
We would always recommend that a new wall be primed first.
No. If the paint is water-based you use water to clean the paint or roller. White spirits are only needed if the product if oil based.
Either! It is a matter of personal preference. Most people would use a brush for cutting in and then finish with a roller, especially there is a large area to be painted - rollers are a lot quicker.
We always recommend two coats of paint. However you may need more than two depending on the colour you have chosen and colour you are covering. For example, some of the low hide colours may need a third coat. Low hide colours should always be used in conjunction with their appropriate undercoat shade.
Some vibrant colours (especially reds and yellows) are 'low hide'. This means that because a lot of colorant has gone into the paint, the coverage is not as good and they can be slightly transparent. If a colour is low hide it will say so in the cornet of the colour card and it will recommend an undercoat. (You will also be reminded of this by the Tining machine) The colour of the recommended undercoat will depend on the top coat - this can be checked in the formulation book.
This depends on the colour and needs to be looked up in the formulation book.
Colourtrend Interior Matt or Colourtrend Prime4 PSU tinted to the appropriate Foundation Coat, followed by at least two coats of the chosen top coat colour.
Seven years and more, depending on conditions.
Yes - we have formulations for most of the RAL and BS colours
QUALITY! Colourtrend is 100% acrylic paint while the other brands are vinyl. Acrylic paint is more hardwearing, longer lasing and therefore, better value, than vinyl paint. Colourtrend also offers customers a wide variety of colours to choose from, over 2,000 colours, with several different colour ranges to cater to every customer.
Yes, we have several different paints suitable for floors, depending on the need. Ofte, for interior floors, Colourtrend Satin is fine. For more specific users Epigen, is a water based floor paint suitable for garages or sheds, while Floorkote is alkyd based and extremely hard-wearing - ideal for factories or extremely heavy traffic areas.